Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Wait - pass that over here, dig it! It's not what you think! I don't like it because of all the senseless violence (although it can be mildly amusing on a bad day), but because of Happy Noodle Boy and Wobbly Headed Bob (the side characters).

Happy Noodle Boy is this psycho stick figure that has absolutely no inhibitions, so he does and says whatever he damn well pleases. (i.e.: He will go in a public restroom and scream "I SMELL BLOOD IN YOUR URINE!!!!!!" to the dude in the next urinal, or attach himself to the front windshield of someone's car, look the driver straight in the face and say "moo.") Happy Noodle Boy is my hero.

Wobbly Headed Bob is the ultimate pessimist and teaches me that intellect should not be taken too seriously.