Right now, it's Beck's Mutations - where's my guru?

It's not like his more famous albums (ie: Mellow Gold or Odelay); it's more retrospective and beautiful. His style is very deliberate, and he does NOT use any samples. (thank groovyness, using samples is so over-done these days) The songs are very diverse, going from more country-type songs [Canceled Check], to something that shows his quirky sense of humor [Cold Brains] to a bit of swinging Bossa Nova [Tropicalia] to the introspective, and self-critical [Nobody's Fault But My Own]. Mutations is influenced by the Beatles and Dylan. (If you don't like them, maybe you shouldn't talk music with me, o-tay?) It's the most exquisite, poignant, gorgeous album I have ever heard.

(Can you tell I really dig Beck?)

People who don't understand why I'm such a big Beck fan obviously has not listened to Mutations... So there.

You can hear samples of the songs I mentioned at:


(minus the returns, I couldn't fit it any other way)