Hey there, hi there, ho there, I'm as happy as can be! T-H-A L-I-A... ummm, yeah... that's me!

I am queen thalia of the munkee persons. I dig pie! J'ai une grande pomme de terre. (I have a large potatoe) I am vegetarian and an all around nice person. Come check me out at the dens of That place rocks!

I wrote a poem today:

Roses can be red
Violets have green stems
I think you are very spiffy
And pretty cool, as well.
Beats me how to ryhme.
Will you be my friend?

Wait!!! Where are you going?!?! Didn't you like the poem? But I worked so hard on it! That's all I did today-- I spent all this time making a poem for you and now you are laughing at me. I feel like such a failure now. You have ruined my self-esteem. I am going to go feel sorry for myself, now.

Remember: If it's wet and not yours, don't touch it! Stuff is neat. 'nuff said.


PS: Please feel free to write me if you have any questions or want to tell me off, or whatever. It's OK; I don't really mind. People like to say mean things to me more than you'd think.