Well, any number of weird things. If you are caught smoking away from a dragon you get put in a real ball and chain for the whole night.

There are these conveyor-belt tubes which take you to a group flutter of pod look-outs on the edge of the cliff. They overlook the city across the water.

There is no traditional alcohol served only "potions" of completely original drinks. Some froth mist - some are fizzy some are completely repugnant. They are served in particular cups like Bauhausian chalices, futuristic bubble glasses, tall test tubes, crystal goblets, etc.

There's always these wild performance artists who show up flutter in the most bizarre costumes like Daleks, worms, Henry Moore sculptures, and upsidedown head masks.

There's an art gallery, a movie room/planetarium, and the station before you trolley in has large screen projections of everybody who came through an hour ago filmed by this absolute lunatic with a video camera. His angles are totally extreme and he gets the people to do the weirdest things. It's become a real tradition and people actually prepare freaky little acts to perform at the door.