Well it's called a "bedroom" so OBVIOUSLY there is a stereo - are you a swinger?
There's a desk with a lot of papers and junk and stuff: a really cute geisha-looking doll and a beaker with pens and pencils and scisors and chopsticks in it, and a random piece of a broken mirror and an occasional bra floating around, baby! There's a bookshelf with a lot of books and a couple lanterns, some pictures a basket of happy meal toys, a lightbrite, boxes of letters, tins of random things I have collected, more chopsticks (with anime characters on them), a box of flashcards, musical jewelry boxes and carosels, dried flowers I picked with friends a long time ago...
I have a metal file cabinet with art supplies in one drawer (construction paper, crayons, markers, colour pencils, oil pastels, glitter, stickers, string and whatnot) and sheet music and old homework in the other.
There are two chairs. One is big, comfy and red the other is tiny less comfy and blue and silver. (I got them both at IKEA... they have darn groovy furniture)
I keep my alter under my window that faces west. It is rectangular and black with inlaid picture-type stuff all over it. There is Spiritual Guide incense (my favourite kind!) and a lot of candles, a few random crystals and a picture of the most perfect-ist person I know, my little sister, Sarah.
Next to the alter is a cuppord thingy where I keep all of my occult type books (so my parents don't see them, and they can stay in denial--they don't want to think about the fact that I study wicca and buddhism and qabballah and the like; it would make them think that they failed as parents.) and supplies. My blue and silver lava lamp is on top of the cuppord with a musicbox that is shapped like a piano.
My walls are an yucky off-shite eggshell colour (Hey, I didn't choose it!) so I try my best to cover them. I have a reproduction of Matise's "Femme et Singes" (or "Woman and Monkeys") a manga-style poster with SailorMoon S or Super S (I'm not sure which one, she has wings and a multi-coloured outfit. If anyone DOES know, please tell me), a beer advertisement with a stereo-typical Hispanic dude with a sombrero and everything that says, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish," a picture of Andy Warhol, a picture of a cat and a bird (the cat's on the inside of a cage, the bird is on the outside), drawings my little sister, Sarah, sends me, a Time-Life calender of the most important people of the century (this month is Elvis!) a quote from Albert Einstein, and a small fractal poster (I think it's the Julia set).

The amount of junk a young person can cram into her room is quite amazing, eh?

That's pretty much it, my room is pretty small.