No, I am a super VILLAN, baby!
Ahh ha ha ha ha!!!
He he he he!
Hardy har har!
heh heh heh...

ha... ha?

ummm... *cough*


I am Spontaneous Action Girl! My super power is that I confuse people by doing something spontaneous while my side kick (I don't have one yet) does the vandilism or whatever our evil deed is for the evening.

Why a super villan, you ask?

I am a super villan because there is a need for super villans. If there were no villans, there would be no heros, and then how would people learn how important it is to be law-abiding citizens?

(Actually, it's just a lot more fun to be bad than groovy... and the "evil" chics always get really sexy outfits... watch the past couple Batman films... God, I want Cat Woman... in the naughty way, baby)