Well, sort of...
I DO have royal blood. My wild-grandfather, or wild-wild-grandfather (I can't remember, now) on my mother's side was a member of the Yi dynasty (the last dynasty that ended in 1910 or so) of Korea. Of course, I can't go and claim THAT throne.

I am now queen of the munkee persons. I am mostly a figure-head, working as mediator between my subjects, and so on. I rule in a fair, just manor. I don't tax people. You may join my queen-dom (there is no king) and become a munkee person, if you like. There are only a few rules I expect every munkee person to attempt to live by:

* Do what pleases you, but harm no one, including yourself (this from wicca, and takes a lot of maturity to actually work)

* Strive to understand the universe in any way you can (be it through mathematics, or meditation or something completely different)

* Never forget how precious life truly is (I know that's sappy, and cliché, but I don't care--it is VERY IMPORTANT and also very difficult)

* Do at least one nice thing for someone else every week

* Do at least one nice thing for YOURSELF every week

* Love everyone, even the people you want to hate... ESPECIALLY the people you want to hate (it will confuse them very much)

* People who aren't like you are people, too-- you are no better than the person you don't like, whether you like it, or not (it makes more sense if you say it out loud)

People who don't at least attempt to do these things, even occasionally, are "butt-monkeys." Everyone who is "the man" is a butt-monkey. You don't want to be like "the man," DO YOU?!?!? Butt-monkeys are NOT allowed in my queen-dom.

I believe that if everyone lived by these rules, the world would be a better place. A lot of the crappy stuff that is going down in this world happens because people don't agree on some insignificant detail (i.e.: religious beliefs) or because people hate without really knowing why (i.e.: racism). The rules of my queen-dom are easy to follow, if one is willing to try. I think that the result will be wilder empathy and acceptance towards mankind and oneself. Why don't you try it for a month, and tell me how it turns out. Hey, a lot of people did it for GrapeNuts.